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M. Ruth MyersShamus in a Skirt is her fourth Maggie Sullivan mystery.

G. S. Johnson adds his third novel, The Cast of a Hand, to our 20th Century list.

M. K. Tod, our newest author-member, brings her Lies Told in Silence and Unravelled to our 20th Century list.

Libbie Hawker‘s latest novel, Storm in the Sky, can be found in our Ancient list.

I. J. Parker‘s The Assassin’s Daughter is the fifteenth in her Akitada medieval mystery series.

Peg Herring introduces Her Majesty’s Mischief, the fourth in her Simon and Elizabeth mystery series.

Libbie Hawker launches her new two-part Egyptian series with House of Reckoning.

Sarah Woodbury‘s Cold My Heart, The Oaken Door and Of Men and Dragons are now a three-part series called The Lion in Wales.

Rebecca Lochlann‘s newest work, a novella entitled The Moon Casts a Spell, is available now.

Rebecca Lochlann, J. L Oakley, and Elisabeth Storrs have all been nominated for the Chaucer Awards for Historical Fiction.

V. R. Christensen has released her newest novel, Gods and Monsters.

Karen Perkins‘ Yorkshire ghost story, Knight of Betrayal, is now in our Medieval list.











G. S. Johnston’s novel The Cast of a Hand, set in the Second Empire of France, is our newest Featured Book. In this blog piece, Johnston tells of the true crime that was the basis of this novel.









Sarah Woodbury’s novel, The Renegade Merchant, is are second Featured book and her newest addition to her Gareth and Gwen Medieval Mystery series, and in this blog piece she writes about some of the interesting things she has learned doing research for this series.