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Roman WomanThe Historical Fiction Authors Cooperative (HFAC) is an international group of authors who first teamed up in 2010 to offer readers a selection of high-quality historical fiction e-books. HFAC membership is by invitation only, allowing us to assure the quality of the books we feature on this site.

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Anna Castle, our newest author-member, adds Murder by Misrule to our 15th-16th Century list.

Libbie Hawker‘s new Tidewater brings to life the famous story of Captain John Smith and Pocahontas.

Sarah Woodbury‘s Warden of Time is the ninth novel in her After Cilmeri series.

Lisa Yarde‘s The Bride Price is the fourth book in her Sultana series.

Colin Falconer‘s latest book, East India, enriches our 17th-18th Century catalog.

David Gaughran adds his new novel, Mercenary, to our 20th Century list.

Libbie Hawker, our newest author-member, brings us The Sekhmet Bed and three other books of The She-King series.

Joanne Dobson‘s The Kashimiri Shawl is set in 19th Century India and America.

Donis Casey‘s Hell With the Lid Blown Off is the seventh in her series set in early-1900s Oklahoma.

Sarah Woodbury‘s The Unlikely Spy is the fifth in her Gareth and Gwen medieval series.

J. L. Oakley enriches our 20th Century list with Timber Rose.

Libi Astaire, HFAC’s newest member, adds to our catalog five novels set in the 19th and 20th century, all of them focusing on Jewish history.



David Goughran’s lively biographical story of adventure and civil war, Mercenaryis our newest Featured Book. In this blog piece, Gaughran fills us in on what he learned about American involvement in Central American Banana Republics.

I. J. Parker’s 13th book in her Akitada mystery series, The Old Men of Omi, is our second Featured Book. In this blog piece, Parker writes about how her protagonist has changed in the course of the series.