A Bucket of Ashes

A Bucket of AshesA Bucket of Ashes

by P.B. Ryan

Governess Nell Sweeney and wounded battle surgeon Will Hewitt reunite on Cape Cod to investigate the death of Nell’s long-lost brother in Book #6 of P.B. Ryan’s critically acclaimed historical mystery series, A Bucket of Ashes.

(71,000 words; e-book $3.99 USD)

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Reviews of A Bucket of Ashes

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“As always, the author excels at setting the scene, evoking the time and place by use of the day-to-day details as well as historical events. The resolution of the central mystery is almost secondary to the revelations about Nell’s past and the way the author ties up all the loose ends of her present situation. Longtime readers will enjoy this aspect immensely; I know I did. This has been a gorgeously written series, populated with unique and unforgettable characters. I’m truly sorry to see it end, and will, no doubt, be re-reading these keepers.” —CA Reviews

“Ryan’s historical atmosphere is spot on. It’s a memorable look into the Gilded Age. I can’t help but recommend this series to those who enjoy cozy type historical mystery series.” —MyShelf.com

“P.B. Ryan writes a heartwarming mystery that capture the ambivalence of the rich on the east coast five years after the civil war ended. The protagonist leads a troubled life but she rises above her upbringing to become a solid citizen who loves the responsibility of caring for her young charge. Will comes back from France where he was applying his medical skills and is there for Nell when she needs him most. Readers will care about him because he feels he is unworthy to love someone as pure as Nell.” —Genre Go Round Reviews