A Mixture of Madness

A-mixture-of-madness185x280A Mixture of Madness

by Andrew Levkoff

At 19, they chained Alexandros to the monstrous tail of a victorious Roman army marching home; just one more morsel among thousands for a city always hungry for another helping of slaves.

30 years later, he rides at the head of seven legions beside his master and benefactor. Marcus Licinius Crassus is a man bent upon a war of revenge. Alexandros will do anything to stop him.

(Word count 152,000; ebook $3.99 USD; print $19.23 USD)

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Historical Novel Society, Editors’ Choice

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“Lavishly detailed and exuberantly intelligent. Filled with intrigue and action … readers are drawn along by the author’s sharp ear for dialogue and his impeccable dramatic timing.” – EDITORS’ CHOICEThe Historical Novel Society

“The work and the story in this book stand solidly alone so that you will enjoy it whether you have read the first or not. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good adventure story and to historical fans alike.” – Kathryn Bennett for Reader’s Favorite