Sulari Gentill, our newest author-member, adds three books to our Ancient list and nine to our 20th Century list. Go to those pages and check ’em all out!

Anna Castle‘s Publish and Perish, the fourth in her Francis Bacon Mystery series, is now in our 15-16th Century list.

Peg Herring‘s Her Ex-GI PI now appears in our 2oth Century list.

Libbie Hawker‘s Persian Rose is the second book in her White Lotus Trilogy.

Lloyd Lockhouse‘s Running with the Enemy is the latest entry in our 20th Century list.

Anna Castle‘s Moriarty Takes His Medicine joins our 19th Century list.

Karen PerkinsParliament of Rooks now appears in our 19th Century list

Priscilla Royal‘s The Proud Sinner is the latest addition to our Medieval list.

Libbie Hawker‘s White Lotus joins our Ancient list.

Donis Casey‘s The Return of the Raven Mocker is the ninth in her 20th Century series.

Michael Lewellyn‘s The Goat Castle Murder joins our 20th Century list.

Richard Sutton unveils the first book, Voyages, in a new ancient-history series called The Gift.

Katie Aiken Ritter, our newest author-member, brings Viking: The Green Land to our Medieval list.

Libi Astaire‘s The Vanisher Variations is her latest Jewish Regency Mystery.