Beloved Pilgrim

Beloved PilgrimBeloved Pilgrim

By Nan Hawthorne

A young noblewoman’s forbidden love and the doomed Crusade of 1101.

Unwilling to settle for the passive life of a noblewoman, Elisabeth dons her late twin brother’s armor and sets out for the Holy Land. On the journey she learns many things, not the least of which is that she can pass for a young man because, as she says, “People see what they expect to see.” Her lessons also include that honor is not always where you expect to find it, and that true love can come in the form of another woman. She encounters both heroism and betrayal in the doomed Crusade of 1101. Witness her journey across the Alps, her voyage to the golden city of Constantinople, and her struggle to survive with her ideals intact while she loses companions to hardships and destruction as Kilij Arslan’s Turks turn the tide irrevocably for the Crusaders.

(103,000 words; e-book $6.95 USD)

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