Black Bart Reborn

Black-Bart-Reborn185x280Black Bart Reborn

by Steve Bartholomew

When Black Bart left prison he figured he’d had enough of crime and Wells Fargo. After all, he’d got time off for good behavior, and only had to do time for robbing one stage coach out of the twenty-eight he had held up. Bart thought he would try his hand at mining once again, and maybe settle down later by running a pharmacy. He also had plans for the woman he loved, Magdalena Ramos. Those were his plans. What he didn’t figure on was the man who had put him in San Quentin to begin with, Detective James Hume. Nor did he plan on meeting his old nemesis, Jason Sutliffe, who had started Bart on his life of crime.

A month after leaving prison, Bart was determined to vanish from the Earth and from history. The official records say he did. This book is a tale of where he might have gone, and what he might have done. It is not history. It is a story.

(Word count 52,000; e-book $3.99 USD, print $10.99 USD)

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