Blood of Eagles

Blood-of-Eagles185x280Blood of Eagles

by Andrew Levkoff

Alexandros has escaped the worst death the ancient world could devise. Swept away into the desert, forced to abandon his wife, he is wanted on both sides of the Euphrates. Now, the war he could not prevent is upon him. The world’s two greatest empires, Rome and Parthia, will meet in one of the most savage encounters of the late Republic. Alexandros and Livia will both be thrust into the bloody heart of the battle. On opposite sides.

In the dramatic climax of the award-winning “Bow of Heaven” trilogy, brutal acts of treachery, betrayal, torture and murder all conspire to destroy the bonds of friendship and love. Silver-tongued Alexandros can talk his way out of almost anything, but who will listen when mindless war begins its rampage?

(Word count 158,000; ebook $3.99 USD; print $20.99)

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“Smart and gripping.” The “series has the careful research and traditional pacing of Steven Saylor’s best Roman historical novels, as multifaceted a portrayal of Roman slavery as anything found in historians like R.H. Barrow or K.R. Bradley, and, in Levkoff’s Marcus Crassus, as convincingly multi-faceted a fictional portrayal of a Roman titan as we’ve had since Thornton Wilder’s Julius Caesar nearly 70 years ago. Blood of Eagles squarely faces the blunt tragedy of Crassus’s death – and the surprising multiplicity of the land and people that killed him.” – Steve Donoghue, Open Letters Monthly