Blue Damask

Blue-Damask185x280Blue Damask

by Annmarie Banks

Three years after the end of a bloody world war, an Englishman in a straightjacket is dumped on the clinic floor of an Austrian psychologist, whose protégé, Elsa Schluss, is reluctantly engaged to treat the traumatized war veteran en route to Damascus, where he is to perform one last service for his country.

Elsa plans to use him as a case study, but the mysterious mission becomes deadly when they are attacked on the Orient Express. Elsa finds her Jungian training is needed not only to treat her patient, but to outwit the powerful men who threaten their lives and endanger the mind of the man for whom she is responsible.  She discovers there is more at stake with this mission than one man’s sanity and a young woman’s doctoral thesis.


(119,000 words; e-book $2.99, print $12.00 USD)


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