Camp Follower

Camp Follower

by Suzanne Adair

A deadly assignment. A land poisoned by treachery and battle. She plunged in headfirst.

Late in 1780, the publisher of a loyalist magazine in Wilmington, North Carolina offers an amazing assignment to Helen Chiswell, his society page writer. Pose as the widowed, gentlewoman sister of a British officer in the Seventeenth Light Dragoons, travel to the encampment of the British Legion in the Carolina backcountry, and write a feature on Lieutenant Colonel Banastre Tarleton. But Helen’s publisher has secret reasons for sending her into danger. And because Helen, a loyalist, has ties to a family the redcoats suspect as patriot spies, she comes under suspicion of a brutal, brilliant British officer. At the bloody Battle of Cowpens, Helen must confront her past to save her life.

(Word count 122,360; ebook $5.99 USD)

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Reviews of Camp Follower

“Adair wrote another superb story.” — Armchair Interviews

“The smells, sights, and sounds of the Revolutionary War…have nowhere been better depicted than in this thrilling novel of conflict and suspense. Suzanne Adair is a gifted storyteller.” —John Buchannan, author of The Road to Guilford Courthouse

“Adair takes her reader on an exciting adventure, filled with historical fact wrapped around an intriguing plot.” — Midwest Book Review