19th England

Haworth Then and Now by Karen Perkins

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Haworth has a great deal to offer today’s visitors, including a working steam railway, the iconic cobbled high street (thankfully lined by a myriad of interesting shops and teashops that provide very pleasant rest stops along the climb), and of course wonderful walks through the stunning moorland that makes up so much of Brontë Country. As a booklover, I can think of no more inspiring place than the home of my literary heroines, Charlotte, Emily and Anne Brontë, and I visit as often as I can. The Brontë Society and Parsonage Museum has lovingly re-created their home, demonstrating how they...

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Ah, the spa! A short history of the long soak, by Anna Castle

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I’ve always loved a long soak in a hot tub, especially with some fragrant salts or oils added to the mix. I’m not alone! Tolkien wrote a poem about the pleasures of the bath, “Sing hey for the bath at the end of the day.” He seems to be channeling fellow Oxonian A. E. Houseman with these lines: “But better beer when drink we lack, and water hot poured down the back.” Personally, I prefer hibiscus-mint tea with a swirl of agave nectar to beer. Bathe away your blues Alienists and other health practitioners in the Victorian period prescribed many forms of...

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Taking the Cure in Regency Brighton by Libi Astaire

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If you write a mystery series set in Regency England, eventually you will have to send your sleuth down to Brighton, the seaside playground of the Prince Regent and his cohorts, because the possibilities for crime are too tempting to resist. Those bathing machines and bathhouses used for taking the cure could also provide a perfect setting for some nefarious deed—such as the vanishing act that sets in motion the plot for my newest Jewish Regency Mystery, The Vanisher Variations. By the Sea, By the Sea Taking the sea cure at Brighton became fashionable when George, the Prince of Wales, first...

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Victorian Inventions by Anna Castle

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The Victorians may be responsible for many of the world’s ills, like post-colonialist political disorder, industrial pollution, and rampant consumerism, but they by gosh knew how to have fun. They were fearless optimists, certain that they could do anything, given enough hard work and imagination. So many of the things we use every day were invented in the late nineteenth century: bicycles, automobiles, airplanes, and more. They’re ubiquitous and we can hardly imagine our lives without them. But what about the also-rans — the inventions that didn’t survive the test of time?...

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Murder and Mayhem: Four Historical Mysteries

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Murder and Mayhem is a boxed set of four historical mysteries written by members of the Historical Fiction Authors Cooperative that will be only 99 cents between March 22-27. ♠♠♠♠ These four mysteries range in time periods and settings from I. J. Parker’s The Hell Screen, set in Medieval Japan, to Anna Castle’s Murder and Misrule, set in Elizabethan England, to Libi Astaire’s Tempest in the Tea Room, set in Regency England, to M. Louisa Locke’s Maids of Misfortune, set in Victorian San Francisco. ♠♠♠♠ The Hell Screen, set in eleventh century Japan, is the fifth novel...

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Historical Fiction Holiday Boxed Sets

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Several of our members have put together books in their historical fiction series as boxed set that provide the reader with a significant discount and work well as holiday gifts. Enjoy!   Jewish Regency Mystery: Holiday Boxed Set by Libi Astaire If you’re not yet acquainted with the Jewish Regency Mystery Series, this is a great way to get introduced. Included in the holiday box set are: TEMPEST IN THE TEA ROOM: “[A] highly recommended page-turner” —Jewish Book Council In this full-length novel set in Regency London, a young Jewish physician is accused of poisoning his wealthy patient,...

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