Daniel’s Garden

Daniel’s Garden

by Meg North

A wealthy kid becomes a Civil War soldier in this epic coming-of-age novel. When Daniel Stuart finishes his Harvard freshman term in June 1862, he learns life at home isn’t as fun as college. He squabbles with his brother Erik, rejects a future in law, and escapes to his garden. A pretty maid named Mary sympathizes, but his three school friends have “got their skirts on fire” and dream of battlefield glory.

Against his family’s wishes, Daniel enlists as a private in the Civil War. Join Daniel and his friends—brash Andrew, scholar Matthew, and gentle David—as they train at Fort Ellsworth, fight at Second Bull Run, skirmish in Fredericksburg, and battle Confederates in Chancellorsville. This memoir-esque Civil War account is a gripping story of love, loss, sacrifice, and friendship.

For Daniel can never return to his garden, but his friendships and his love for Mary are worth fighting for.

(Word count 96,000; e-book $2.99 USD, print $14.95 USD)

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Reviews of Daniel’s Garden

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“Poetic in places and deceptively quiet to start, this sweeping novel delivers one boy’s journey through Second Bull Run, Fredericksburg, and beyond. Battle scenes are depicted with a sharpness that sears the imagination. With a lilting Irish love story threaded amongst the battles, this novel is a treasure to be read again and again. I’m eager to see what Meg North writes next. She’s one to watch.” —Jillian, Amazon.com customer

“To anyone that has ever longed to set their own course and march to the beat of their own drum, regardless of the consequences, this book is for you.”
—Raymond Mullen, Amazon.com customer

“The story captures the mundane as well as the horrific, the bloodless as well as bloody, aspects of the War as seen and felt by Daniel and expressed in his authentic voice.”
—Steven Fletcher, Amazon.com customer