Do You Believe in Prophetic Dreams? by Mirella Sichirollo Patzer

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The-Prophetic-Queen185x280Do you believe in prophetic dreams? I never used to believe in them, but then something happened that forever changed my mind and convinced me otherwise. I dreamed the lottery numbers. Yes, I did!

In my dream, a friend approached me with a lottery ticket we had purchased together. He told me that our ticket had won a $46 million dollar jackpot and that we would split it. In my dream I took the ticket into my hand and studied the numbers. 3, 18, 21, 38, and my excitement grew. That’s when I began to awaken, and as I slowly rose out of my slumber, I suddenly sprang out of bed in a frantic search for pen and paper. By the time I stumbled around the kitchen and found what I was looking for, I had forgotten the last two numbers and could only remember those precious first four numbers.

As a non-believer of prophetic dreams, I didn’t make too much of it. That was my first mistake! I did, however, go to the grocery store on my way to work that night and bought a lottery ticket. The jackpot was $10 million dollars. Of course I played those four numbers – 3, 18, 21, 38, but then used 46 and 23 as the missing numbers because they were the other two numbers mentioned in my dream – the $46 million divided by the two of us – hence $23. That was my second mistake. I should have bought enough tickets and played every combo of numbers to replace those two numbers I could not remember.

That entire day, I experienced very strong feelings that I was going to win. During my drive to work, I even planned what to do with the winnings. In the middle of my shift, I took a break and called the lottery line. The four numbers I recalled had won, but my choice of 46 and 23 were wrong. Instead of $10 million dollars, I won a mere $87.00.

I am now completely convinced in the veracity of prophetic dreams. Abraham Lincoln dreamed of his death. Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity came to him in a dream. Mark Twain dreamed of his brother’s death on a steamship. And there are many, many more examples throughout history.

It is no wonder that after my own personal experience, the topic of prophetic dreams has fascinated me for years. When I accidentally stumbled upon a bio of a little known woman of history named Matilde of Ringelheim, one phrase caught my attention – her prophetic dreams. It immediately sparked my imagination. The more I delved into her life, the more fascinated I became. In Matilde’s case, her dreams foretold of her family’s successes and their deaths. The most famous of her dreams happened when she lay upon her deathbed and was visited by her grandson. She had dreamed about his death and before he left her bedside, she insisted he take her last possession, her burial garments. A few days later, he died an accidental death.

I recently released a fictionalized biography about her life entitled THE PROPHETIC QUEEN. The book follows history as closely as possible, while exploring her thoughts, emotions, and reactions to her ability to prophesize the future through her dreams. A truly fascinating woman of history!

Mirella Sichtrollo Patzer, September 19, 2016

Mirella Sichirollo Patzer lives in Cochrane, Alberta, Canada with her husband, two daughters, and rambunctious little grandchildren. She is also the author of Orphan of the Olive Tree, The Blighted Troth, and The Pendant. For more information about Mirella, please visit: and


  1. This sound really interesting. i too did not believe in prophetic dreams until I started having them. They would have to feature in my historical novel.

    • That’s fascinating Margaret. For me, the prophetic dreams are rare, but I’ve had several others heralding the death of someone.

      Thanks so much for leaving your comment and sharing.

      • Sometimes you feel cheated if a vision of a pet or a family member’s passing comes to you, but on the other hand you are prepared and it helps.Happily my prophetic dreams involve conceptions as well as people passing. When a loved one is passing I feel the spirit leave the body in a glorious feeling of relief and light.
        My debut novel. ‘Where Rowans Intertwine’ is full of such REAL magic. I hope you enjoy it.My website tells much more.

  2. Yes! I do believe! I’m so sorry you lost out on the lottery. It’s amazing how swiftly these kinds of dreams dissipate upon awakening.

    • Yeah, no one is sorrier than I am that I didn’t win the lottery. But I am grateful for all the good things I have in my life. That is the biggest winnings of all!

  3. Some time look up a book titled “An Experiment With Time,” by J.W. Dunne, published I believe in the 1920’s. Dunne kept a journal of precognitive dreams (He didn’t call them prophetic.) His conclusion was that just as we sometimes dream about past events, we sometimes dream of future ones.

    • Thank you Steve. i shall look forward to reading that.
      maybe you would enjoy ‘Where Rowan’s Intertwine’.
      proceeds from that go to a nepalese orphanage.

  4. I find the concept fascinating. It might be that some are more receptive to the energy all around us. While not the same as a dream often when I am developing a plot the next stage appears from a highly unlikely source. It would be nice if lottery numbers would do the same.

    • I find the same. Often when I am writing I am ‘interrupted ‘ by seeing a scenario unfold as if it is a film. Then again, when i am walking in historic places I feel and hear and see scenarios as though i lived in former times.
      I call it the Universal library and i am pleased to be part of it and have access to it when it allows.

  5. Do you keep a handy piece of paper or two and a pen or pencil by your bed now?

  6. I have a full notebook. Thank you for drawing my attention to it… I must renew.