Eater of Hearts

Eater_of_Hearts185x280Eater of Hearts

by Libbie Hawker

When Akhenaten finally goes too far and meets his bloody fate, the court of Egypt is plunged into chaos. The royal family’s most ambitious players are locked in a contest for the throne that can only end in victory for one… and death for the others.

Nefertiti returns from her exile, wielding more than just her wits. She has Tutankhamun, Egypt’s rightful heir. Smenkhkare’s idealism makes him popular with the common people, but will his sense of justice and maat protect him from the vicious politics of his relatives? Meritaten has found happiness at last… but when it all falls apart, blood ties won’t stop her from taking revenge. And Ankhesenamun is plunged into the fiercest conflict of all, racing against time to thwart Ay’s most insidious scheme.

Only one can hold the Horus Throne. The gods have set the stage for their final battle!

Eater of Hearts is the last volume of The Book of Coming Forth by Day.

This ebook edition contains a lengthy historical note on all three volumes of this series.

(Word count 130,00; ebook $4.99 USD)