by Steve Bartholomew

The year is 1850. Rumors of gold in California turn out to be true. Thousands of people leave their homes behind to head for the mines. In New York, young Marcus Gale would like to join them. He jumps at the chance for a berth as stoker on a steamer headed for the gold fields, even though he’s not sure what a stoker does. Fortunately, Marcus is a fast learner. He finds it more difficult to understand people, especially the kind willing to risk everything to get to the gold. He wonders about Captain Cutter, who hates steam and lives in a state of paranoia, thinking people are plotting against him. He may be right. And then, there’s the beautiful Alouette Thorndyke, the wealthy heiress who Marcus thinks is an angel. Then again, what is she, really—angel or swindler?

(Word count 51,000; e-book $7.99 USD, print $14.99 USD)

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Reviews of Gold

“I had mixed feelings by the time Marcus arrived in San Francisco. I didn’t want the journey to end, it went too fast! I really enjoyed the development of the characters, and how a person can get caught in intrigue when trying to do other things. I highly recommend this for a casual, delightful read.” –Joann T. Andresen, California