Her Deadly Mischief

Her Deadly MischiefHer Deadly Mischief

by Beverle Graves Myers

Venice, 1742. Tito Amato is once again singing the lead role at the Teatro San Marco. On opening night, the famous castrato has the entire audience entranced–except for one box with its scarlet curtains stubbornly drawn. Annoyed at being ignored, Tito aims the full force of his golden throat at the fourth-tier box and is shocked when a courtesan tumbles over the railing. Did a wager over a rival courtesan’s jewels spell her death? Or did the motive involve sinister activities in the glass factories of Murano?

(92,000 words; e-book $6.99 USD, paperback $14.99 USD)

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“The author brings to life the city of Venice, its canals, bright colors and dark streets, opulent opera houses and Jewish ghettos, and more. The murder plot is multi-faceted, holding the reader’s attention throughout.” —Betty J. Betz, Mysterious Reviews

“All in a story that never pauses for breath, sweeping the reader up into a world filled with all the color and drama of grand opera itself. Highly recommended.” —Kim Malo, MyShelf