Her Majesty’s Mischief

Her-Majestys-Mischief185x280Her Majesty’s Mischief

by Peg Herring

Simon Maldon is sent by Queen Elizabeth to form an honest assessment of the Scottish queen’s character. With Simon gone, his son Henry, wife Hannah, and old friend Calkin delve into the murder of Simon’s brother-in-law, Will Clark. Determined to hide his crimes, the killer is willing — even eager– to murder again.

Simon faces his own trials when Scottish outlaws capture his party. In order to thwart their leader’s grandiose schemes, Simon must escape and make his way to Edinburgh. Will the rough men of the Marches help or leave the Englishman to make his way as best he can?

(word count: 67,000; hardcover $19.73 USD)

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