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CrierOnce a week the Historical Fiction Authors Cooperative will post the books in our catalog that are free, discounted, or newly published. If you want to make sure you get notified in a timely matter, please subscribe to our blog (see bottom of page)  Thanks!



Short Term:

Mirella Patzer, The Contessa’s Vendetta-Historical Suspense Thriller, Free on Kindle May 29-June 2

Mirella Patzer, Orphan of the Olive Tree-Historical Romance Saga, Free on Kindle May 29-June 2

I. J. Parker, The Fires of the Gods (Akitada Mystery Series), Free on Kindle June 1

Lorraine Fraser King, Mannin Boy, Free on Kindle June 1-2

Long Term:

Susanne Alleyn, Masquerade, short story, Free on Smashwords

Sarah Woodbury, The Bard’s Daughter, Free on Kindle and Nook

Sarah Woodbury, Daughter of Time, Free on all ebookstores


Mirella Patzer, The Pendant, 99 cents on Kindle May 24-June 15.

Elisabeth Storrs, The Wedding Shroud, 99 cents on Kindle May 27-June 2

MIrella  Patzer, The Blighted Troth, 99 cents on Kindle May 27-June 15

Loretta Proctor, The Long Shadow, 99 cents on Kindle June 1-30

N. Gemini Sasson, The Crown in the Heather (The Bruce Triology: Book I), 99 cents on Kindle

Peg Herring, MacBeth’s Niece, 99 cents on Kindle

P.B. Ryan, Still Life with Murder, 99 cents in all ebookstores


Sarah Woodbury, The Fourth Horseman (A Gareth and Gwen Medieval Mystery), in all ebookstores

Peg Herring, The Lady Flirts with Death (Five Star Mystery Series) in selected bookstores

I. J. Parker, Death of a Dollmaker (Akitada Mystery Series) on Kindle

Suzanne Adair, A Hostage to Heritage, on Kindle, and Smashwords

Rebecca Lochlann, In the Moon of Asterion (Child of the Erinyes Book Three), on KindleNook,

V.R. Christensen, Cry of the Peacock, on Kindle

V. R. Christensen, Little White Liar (Sixteen Seasons short story) on Kindle

V. R. Christensen, Mothering Someday (Sixteen Seasons short story) on Kindle

M. Ruth Myers, The Whiskey Tide, on Kindle