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Karen Perkins,  A Kindle Fire and 3 sets of Valkyrie Series Giveaway (last week)

Short Term:

I. J. Parker, The Masuda Affair (Akitada Mystery) is in a Kindle Countdown 99cents 7/25; 1.99 7/26; 2.99  7/27 3.99 7/28

Karen Perkins, Thores-CrossFree in selected bookstores 7/27-31

Long Term:

Cheri LasotaArtemis Rising, Free on KindleNookiTunes, and Kobo,

Susanne AlleynMasquerade,  is Free on Smashwords 

Sarah WoodburyThe Daughter of Time, Free in all ebookstores

Sarah WoodburyThe Good KnightFree in all ebookstores


Short Term:

Susanne AlleynThe Executioner’s Heir is $2.99 on Kindle in celebration of Bastille Day through 7/31

Susanne AlleynA Tale of Two Cities: A Readers Companion is $2.99 on Kindle in celebration of Bastille Day through 7/31

Long Term:

Karen PerkinsDead Reckoning, is part of a new 8 volume boxed set, The Hot Box at 99 cents  on US Kindle, UK Kindle

Pricilla RoyalWine of Violence (A Medieval Mystery #1)99 cents in selected bookstores.

Beverle Graves MyersInterrupted Aria-A Tito Amato Mystery, 99 cents in selected ebookstores

I. J. Parker, selected Akitada short stories99 cents on Kindle

Donis CaseyThe Old Buzzard Had It Coming (Alafair Tucker Mystery #1)99 cents in all bookstores

Peg HerringMacBeth’s Niece99 cents on Kindle


J. L. Oakley’s Tree Soldier  now out as audio book.

Libbie HawkerTidewater: A Novel of Pocahontas and the Jamestown Colony is now available in selected ebookstores

Sarah WoodburyWarden of Time (The After Cilmeri Series Book 8), now available for pre-order on Kindle

Lisa Yarde Sultana: The Bride Price (A Novel of Moorish Spain) now available in selected ebookstores

Colin FalconerEast India,  now available for in selected ebookstores 

David Gaughran’s Mercenary, now available in selected ebookstores