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CrierOnce a week the Historical Fiction Authors Cooperative will post the books in our catalog that are free, discounted, or newly published. If you want to make sure you get notified in a timely matter, please subscribe to our blog (see bottom of page)  Thanks!



Long Term:

Sarah Woodbury, The Daughter of Time, Free in all ebookstores

Sarah Woodbury, The Good Knight, Free in all bookstores


N. Gemini Sasson, Crown in the Heather (The Bruce Trilogy) 99 cents on Kindle 9/19-10/5

Susanne Alleyn, The Executioner’s Heir: A Novel of Eighteenth Century France, 99 cents on Kindle or with code YB49W on Smashwords thru 9/30

Susanne Alleyn, Game of Patience (Aristide Ravel French Revolution Mystery 1) 99 cents on Kindle thru 9/30

Susanne Alleyn, A Treasury of Regrets (Aristide Ravel French Revolution Mystery 2) 99 cents on Kindle thru 9/30

Susanne Alleyn, Medieval Underpants and Other Blunders 99 cents on Kindle or with code YM24Y on Smashwords thru 9/30

I. J. Parker, selected Akitada short stories, 99 cents on Kindle

Loretta Proctor, Middle Watch, $1.99 on Kindle

V. R. Christensen, Sixteen Seasons short stories, 99 cents on Kindle

Donis Casey, The Old Buzzard Had It Coming (Alafair Tucker Mystery #1), 99 cents in all bookstores

Sarah Woodbury, The Bard’s Daughter, $1.99 on KindleKobo and Nook

Peg Herring, MacBeth’s Niece, 99 cents on Kindle


Colin Falconer, Isabella: Braveheart of France, is now available on Kindle, and Nook,

Sarah Woodbury, Castaways in Time, available  all ebookstores

Susanne Alleyn, The Executioner’s Heir: A Novel of Eighteenth Century France, available on KindleSmashwords,

N. Gemini Sasson, In The Time of Kings, available on Kindle, and Nook

M. Louisa Locke, Bloody Lessons: A Victorian San Francisco Mystery, available on Kindle

Colin Falconer, The Silk Road, is now available on Kindle

Colin Falconer, Sigmata, is now available on Kindle


  1. How may I post info on my historical fiction novel SILVER’S ODYSSEY ?
    It’s the only hist fict ever written about the sinking of the Atocha galleon in 1622. (Found in 1985)

    • Dear Henry,

      We only post information about our members’ books, and our membership is by invitation only. Since the group is a volunteer one, and vetting other people’s work is very time consuming, at this point we are only looking at authors recommended by current members.

      Sorry, I know it is hard to get a book visible, and yours certainly does sound interesting and is well reviewed.

      M. Louisa Locke, HFAC Board of Directors