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In case you haven’t heard of them, StoryBundle offers readers a chance to discover quality books by independent authors in a particular theme. These bundles are put together and are available for a limited time. The reader can look at the basic bundle and decide how much they would like to pay, whether they would like to also obtain the bonus books, and whether they would like to donate some of the money raised to charity.

I can’t help but be proud of the fact that in this Story Bundle, one of the few so far that feature historical fiction books, that four of the seven authors and six of the ten books came from the Historical Fiction Author’s Cooperative (HFAC).

So, I thought I might use this chance to feature those books by HFAC members.

First of all, I was very pleased that Charlotte English, the person who put this bundle together, chose Maids of Misfortune, the first book in my Victorian San Francisco Mystery series, as the “teaser” to get people interested in the bundle (it currently has 615 5 star reviews on Amazon.) Anyone who signs up for the StoryBundle Newsletter gets this book for free.

Maids of Misfortune introduces Annie Fuller, a widowed boarding house keeper who supplements her income as the pretend clairvoyant, Madam Sibyl. In this book Annie goes undercover as a domestic servant to investigate the mysterious death of one of Madam Sibyl’s clients.

Uneasy Spirits, the second book in my series, is one of the five books in the Basic Bundle (pay what you want for these five books), and in this cozy historical mystery, Annie, with the help of her romantic interest, Nate Dawson, investigates a fraudulent trance medium, learning all about 19th Century Spiritualists and in the process confronting her growing unease with the charade of being clairvoyant.

A second book in this Basic Bundle, House of Rejoicing, is the first novel in the Book of Coming Forth by Day series by best-selling HFAC author, Libbie Hawker. House of Rejoicing is a gripping story of intrigue set at the end of Ancient Egypt’s Eighteenth Dynasty and features four royal women in the court of Akhenaten. For those who are interested in Ancient Egypt or stories of the middle east, I would also recommend checking out Hawker’s She-King Series or her new book, Daughter of Sand and Stone, currently available as a Kindle First book.

The three other books that round out this Basic Bundle are Helen Hollick’s Sea Witch, a rousing story of adventure, romance, and pirates, Charlotte English’s Miss Landon & Aubranael, a lively romance set in a bewitching version of Regency England that contains house brownies, kindly trolls, fairies, and true love, and Travis Heermann’s adventure fantasy set in 13th century Japan, Sword of the Ronin.

If you decide to pay at least $12 for the Historical Fiction StoryBundle you will get four more additional bonus books. One of books is Helen Hollick’s Pirate Code, the sequel to Sea Witch, but the other three books are by HFAC authors, including part two of Libbie Hawker’s The Book of Coming Forth By Day Series, Storm in the Sky, which continues the saga of Amarna-era Egypt.

Mercenary, the second book by an HFAC author in this bonus set is by David Gaughran. Like his first book, A Storm Hits Valparaiso, Mercenary focuses on the history of revolution in Latin America, but in this case it tells the true story of Lee Christmas, an adventurous American whose exploits as a soldier of fortune helped change the fate of a Latin American nation.

The last book by an HFAC author, Footsteps in Time, is the first book in Sarah Woodbury’s best-selling After Cilmeri series, a time travel romance that looks at what would have happened if Llywelyn ap Gruffydd, the Prince of Wales, had not been killed in 1282. You might also be interested in Woodbury’s Gareth and Gwen Medieval Mystery series, the first book; The Good Knight, is free in most ebook stores.

The Historical Fiction StoryBundle will only be available through November 26, 2015, so go and take a look and see if you would like to take advantage of this inexpensive way to become acquainted with some new historical fiction by independent authors.

M. Louisa Locke, November 9, 2015

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