Interrupted Aria

Interrupted Aria

by Beverle Graves Myers

Venice, 1731. Disaster strikes Tito’s opera premiere when the singer loses one beloved friend to poison and another to unjust accusation and arrest. Alarmed that the merchant-aristocrat who owns the theater is pressing the authorities to close the case, Tito races the executioner to find the real killer. The possible suspects could people the cast of one of his operas: a libertine nobleman and his spurned wife, a jealous soprano, an ambitious composer, and a patrician family bent on the theater’s ruin. With carnival gaiety swirling around him and rousing Venetian passions to an ominous crescendo, Tito finds that the most astonishing secrets lurk behind the masks of his friends and family.
(94,000 words; e-book $6.99 USD, paperback $14.99 USD)

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“Ah! Opera in Venice! What could be more romantic and exciting?” —Sara Berger, Mysterious Women

“In mystery as in music, excitement and pleasure come from brilliant variation, brilliantly controlled. Here it is.” —Jeanne M. Jacobson, The Drood Review