Loretta Proctor

Loretta Proctor won prizes for stories and plays in the 1970’s and published some of her poetry in magazines. She then put writing aside for many years due to family and other commitments. Now retired and back to writing novels, her first book, The Long Shadow (Dec 2005), is set in Greece and explores the theme of dual nationality. Loretta is herself Anglo-Greek, so this is a story very close to her heart. She was able to produce it in time to put into her ageing mother’s hands.

A lifelong fascination with Pre-Raphaelite artworks led to The Crimson Bed (March 2010), a novel set in Victorian London. Her new novel, Middle Watch, is based partly on a friend’s real life story, which captured Loretta’s imagination. The setting for this story is amongst the lighthouses and the lighthouse keepers who manned them; stormy seas and stormy passions.

Loretta lives with her husband in the Malverns, a unique and lovely area of England, and is proud to be a distant relation of the poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning..

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