MacBeth’s Niece

MacBeth’s Niece

by Peg Herring

Kidnapped from her uncle’s castle by handome, enigmatic spy Jeffrey Brixton, Tessa MacFindlaech must battle English soldiers, Scottish outlaws, the predictions of three witches, and the rebellious whisperings of her own heart.

(Word count: 103,000; e-book $2.95 USD)

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“This is a romance in the literary definition of the word: love, adventure, extraordinary characters, and a touch of the supernatural, and, with the romantic action (refreshingly) going no further than a kiss, you can happily pass this on to your own niece, too.” —Historical Novel Society

“Peg Herring’s premise is brilliant! She has written a complex maze of a tale with wonderful historical details, and her heartwarming characters are sure to captivate readers.” —Bestselling author Denise Dietz