Mannin Boy

Mannin BoyMannin Boy

–young adult–

by Lorraine Fraser King

In mid-19th Century Peel in the Isle of Mann, a young boy struggles to keep his family together. As a ship’s cook on a fishing boat, he works untiringly but it isn’t enough to provide a home for his family.

An unexpected opportunity comes his way when he and his best friend are offered the chance to sign up for a new ship bound for Australia. They arrive in Melbourne amidst a frenzied rush of newcomers desperate to get to the goldfields.

Forming a team with some fellow travellers, the small band set off across the harsh, Australian terrain with dreams of becoming rich. Their meagre reserves of money are running out when luck comes their way only to be followed by terrible news from home.

(Word count 35,500; e-book $5.99 USD)