Murder on Black Friday

Murder on Black Friday

by P.B. Ryan

On Sept. 24, 1869, the gold market crumbles, and fortunes are lost in a matter of minutes. When two of Boston’s most prominent men are found dead on Wall Street’s first “Black Friday,” it’s widely assumed that they committed suicide over their financial losses. But upon examining the bodies, forensic scientist Dr. William Hewitt concludes that one of the men was most likely murdered.

Will wants to investigate the circumstances surrounding the suspicious death, but to do so, he needs to navigate the upper echelons of Boston society, which are foreign to him. He enlists the aid of Nell Sweeney, the Irish-born governess employed by his estranged parents. Not only is Nell acquainted with many of the city’s most prominent citizens, she understands how their wealth and power can be used to keep dark secrets under wraps. As their investigation progresses, Nell and Will discover that the two dead men were linked by something more valuable—and far more treacherous—than gold.

(61,000 words; e-book $3.99 USD)

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Reviews of Murder on Black Friday

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“Nell and Will are a confirmed pair of amateur sleuths in this fourth entry in the popular Gilded Age series, and this makes the setting perhaps slightly cozier, but as usual, P B Ryan is spot on with her period detail. This is the best part about the series for me, as these books really do open a window into how both the high and low society of Boston operated. She thankfully doesn’t shrink (Anne Perry style) from showing it, warts and all…probably the best entry yet.” —

“As always, Nell and Will’s predicament tugs at my heart. Loved it!” —Babbling Book Reviews

“The author has an amazing grasp of life during this period of history. Each detail is crafted to let the reader feel immersed in the time; from the major historical events, to the minutiae of everyday life. These facts are effortlessly woven into the overall narrative.” —The Romance Reader’s Connection

“On Sept. 29, 1869, the gold market crumbles, and fortunes are lost in a matter of hours. When the bodies of two men, wealthy Boston Brahmins Noah Bassett and Philip Munro, are found, it’s assumed that they committed suicide over their financial losses. But when Harvard professor and forensic scientist Will Hewitt autopsies the victims, he discovers that Munro was murdered. Dr. Hewitt needs help navigating the city and its complex society to find the killer. He turns to governess Nell Sweeney, who understands the world of the rich and how their power can be used to hide their secrets. The investigation leads to the conclusion that these men were concerned more with keeping some things hidden than with the loss of their money. How they were tied together makes for a chilling climax to a mesmerizing mystery. Not only does Ryan provide readers with a tightly wound, suspenseful novel peopled with multidimensional characters, she writes about an era whose problems mirror our own. This is a historical period she knows and brings to life so clearly that readers are totally immersed. Nell is an ideal heroine: smart, intrepid and human. Be on the lookout for her return.” —Romantic Times BookReviews