On Falcon’s Wings

on-falcons-wings185x280On Falcon’s Wings

by Lisa Yarde

Love united them. Destiny drove them apart.

When Avicia, a Norman noblewoman, makes a careless but costly mistake with a prized falcon, the brutal punishment nearly claims her life. Her Saxon lover, Edric of Newington, witnesses her ordeal but cannot share her fate. Another destiny awaits him in England, and the prospect of a loveless marriage. Swept away in the arms of another, Avicia enters the treacherous court of Duke William of Normandy. Through the years, Edric and Avicia reunite in a timeless, forbidden love, but a bitter rivalry for the English throne divides them. In a world forever altered in the aftermath of Hastings, hope rises and the chance to love again.

(89,000 words; e-book $3.99 USD, paperback $13.99 USD)

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Reviews of On Falcon’s Wings

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“I always love to read historical books and this one, set around the Battle of Hastings, sounded really good. While the historical content of the book did not disappoint me, I was disappointed in the sexual content generously included in this book. I feel that intimacy between married couples should be left private, and I was extremely uncomfortable with the extent that the author went to describe their intimacies and affairs. I skipped over several scenes because of this.

Besides this complaint, the book was an interesting read. It might be a wonderful read for someone who is comfortable with the things I have pointed out. The author has a strong grasp of writing a vivid story, and I thoroughly enjoyed the way she wrote.” Readers’ Favorite