Paper Woman

Paper Woman

by Suzanne Adair

She expected the redcoats to solve her father’s murder. The redcoats and her father had other plans.

In early June 1780, the village of Alton, Georgia, is rocked by the triple murder of the town printer and one of his associates, both outspoken patriots, and a Spanish assassin. Alton’s redcoats are in no hurry to seek justice for the murdered men. The printer and his buddies have stirred up trouble for the garrison. But the printer’s widowed daughter, Sophie Barton, wants justice for her father. Under suspicion from the redcoats, Sophie sets out on a harrowing journey to find the truth about her father — a journey that plunges her into a hornet’s nest of terror, treachery, and international espionage.

Patrick D. Smith Literature Award winner

(Word count 96,610; ebook $5.99 USD)

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Reviews of Paper Woman

“…a swashbuckling good mystery yarn!” — The Wilmington Star-News

“It is no easy thing for a new author to create a character to whom the reader is immediately drawn, and who can carry off a storyline of this size and scope. Suzanne Adair has done that here.” — Spinetingler Magazine

“…an exhilarating story that will captivate the reader from beginning to end.” — Midwest Book Review