by Colin Falconer

“The truth was he had made the biggest mistake of his life. He had come here with nothing; he was sailing away with much less. If only he could take back that afternoon on Bitter Moon Lane.”

Broome, 1913. Cameron McKenzie has come halfway around the world to find the pearl that will make his fortune. Instead, his destiny leads him to Kate Flynn, older than her years and out of her time, dreaming of horizons broader than this Chinatown in the middle of nowhere.

Fiery and passionate, they are fated to collide. But the man who brings them together is the same man Cameron has sworn to tear apart—but he’s Kate’s father.

There are pearls that lie in the Deeps for every man. Some he never finds; some he loses through no fault of his own. But there are some he never knows he has until the moment he tosses them away.

Pearls is a timeless story of dreams, ambition and star-crossed lovers.

(84,000 words; $4.99 USD)

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Reviews of Pearls

“A rollicking historical tale of love and revenge rendered in rich detail by a master of the genre.” —Booklover