Peg Herring

Peg Herring is a former educator from northern Lower Michigan who has written everything from drama to federal grants. Her love of history and years of teaching Shakespeare led to MacBeth’s Niece, her first published novel (Five Star) in 2008. These days Peg is working on two series, one historical, one not, as well as several stand-alone books. She often speaks to groups on the writing process, reading genres, and publishing.

Historical novels, especially mysteries, are Peg’s favorites both for reading and writing. The research is fun, and she can lose herself for hours in a library studying William the Conqueror or Ivar the Boneless. Historical mysteries are a challenge, because an author must capture the feel of the era for her readers while providing realistic characters in an exciting plot. In historicals one can ignore police procedures and DNA samples, concentrating instead on the intelligence of the protagonist, the ingenuity of the antagonist, and the wonderful details of what life was like in a time other than our own.

When not reading or writing, Peg likes gardening, travel, and directing musical groups. She holds the distinction of being the only person (so far) to have set her high school’s stage on fire. It was a small one, really.

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