Poison, Your Grace

Poison, Your Grace

by Peg Herring

As England’s young king struggles with illness, one of his advisors is poisoned. Elizabeth Tudor, fearing her brother was the target, asks her old friend Simon Maldon to investigate the crime. The times are dangerous, and so is the killer who roams Whitehall Palace.

(83,000 words; e-book $3.99 (USD), hardcover $25.95 (USD)

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“Herring’s Tudor England is rich in description and filled with the intrigue and ambition rife at the court. She leads a merry chase as the reader follows Lady Elizabeth and Simon through the royal halls of intrigue.” —Anne Clinard Barnhill, Historical Novel Society

“Herring weaves a nifty tale of cunning and danger. Think of this series as a must-read prequel to other excellent mysteries featuring Queen Elizabeth I, such as those by Karen Harper. Featuring detailed settings, ample wit, and a fast pace, this historical shines.” —Library Journal