Regulated for Murder

Regulated for MurderRegulated for Murder

by Suzanne Adair

For ten years, an execution hid murder. Then Michael Stoddard came to town.

Bearing a dispatch from his commander in coastal Wilmington, North Carolina, redcoat Lieutenant Michael Stoddard arrives in Hillsborough in February 1781 in civilian garb. He expects to hand a letter to a courier working for Lord Cornwallis, then ride back to Wilmington the next day. Instead, Michael is greeted by the courier’s freshly murdered corpse, a chilling trail of clues leading back to an execution ten years earlier, and a sheriff with a fondness for framing innocents—and plans to deliver Michael up to his nemesis, a psychopathic British officer.

(102,000 words; ebook $5.99 USD)

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Reviews of Regulated for Murder

a Suspense Magazine “Best of 2011” book

“This is mystery writing at its best.” — Great Historicals

“With a few deft strokes, [Adair] re-creates a time when the world was lit by a few candles and traveling from Wilmington to Hillsborough…took five grueling days on horseback.” — The Wilmington Star-News

“One of the most original and captivating historical mysteries I’ve read in a long time, if ever. I felt completely transported to another time and place.” — Kaylee Stevens, Shelfari reader