Satan’s Lullaby

Satans-Lullaby185x280Satan’s Lullaby

by Priscilla Royal

It is the autumn of 1278. The harvest is in. The air is crisp, and dusty summer breathes a last sigh before the dark seasons arrive.

For Prioress Eleanor, the dark season arrives early. Abbess Isabeau, head of the Order of Fontevraud, has sent Father Etienne Davoir to inspect all aspects of Tyndal Priory from morals to roofs and would not have chosen her own brother for this rare and thorough investigation unless the cause was serious and she had reason to fear Rome.

Prioress Eleanor knows something is terribly amiss.

The situation turns calamitous when the priest’s sick clerk dies from a potion sent by Sister Anne. Is the sub-infirmarian guilty of simple incompetence or murder? Did Prioress Eleanor order the death to frighten Davoir away before he discovered the truth behind any accusations against her fitness to rule?

When Davoir himself is threatened, the priest roars for justice, but even Crowner Ralf has lost all objectivity. The most likely suspects are the woman he once loved, the prioress he respects, and a monk who is his closest friend.

Who is the guilty one, the one who has succumbed to Satan’s lullaby?

(Word count 67,600; ebook $8.99 USD; print $12.41)

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