by Colin Falconer

1206: When Fabricia Berenger was struck by lightning in the main square of Toulouse, her troubles were only just beginning.

Soon she develops mysterious wounds on her hands and feet – and some people credit her with the gift of healing. To keep her from the attentions of the Inquisition, her family flees into the Languedoc and finally puts her into a Convent in the mountains. But still crowds follow her there in search of healing.

And the world needs so much healing; Philip of Vercy needs healing for his four year old son. He has lost his beloved wife, should he now lose his only son as well? He hears rumours of a young girl called Fabricia Berenger who has extraordinary powers and he sets off to find her and bring her back. Can he find her in time?

But bringing her back is the least of his problems. For he reaches the Languedoc in the middle of one of the Pope’s crusade against the Cathars of the south of France, and no one is safe. Can he find her? Can he get out alive? Can he save his son?

And what do the marks of the stigmata really mean?

(416 pages; ebook $5.99 USD)

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“The story moves along at a cracking pace, the narrative fraught with action and tension at every turn. I found Philip and Fabricia sympathetic and believable characters, and I would highly recommend Stigmata as a powerful tale of religious heresy, crusades, loss and love.” – Historical Fiction Society