Sultana: The Pomegranate Tree

Pomegranate-Tree185x280Sultana: The Pomegranate Tree

by Lisa Yarde

Book #5 of the Sultana series.

In fifteenth-century Moorish Spain, Aisha, the descendant of the Sultans of Granada endures a life imperiled by dynastic warfare, loss, and cruel fate.

Enemies descend on the kingdom from all sides and threaten to tear it apart. To preserve a fragile peace, Aisha suffers a sham marriage to a cruel tyrant, forever divided from the love that once ruled her heart. 

Years later, when a trusted confidante becomes a powerful rival, Aisha must fight for the future of the next generation or witness the destruction of her family and the last vestiges of Moorish rule in Spain. 

(177,000 words: ebook $3.99 USD)

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