Sultana: Two Sisters

Sultana-Two-Sisters185x280Sultana: Two Sisters

by Lisa Yarde

In fourteenth-century Moorish Spain, two survivors of a devastating tragedy become captives sold into the harem of Sultan Yusuf of Granada. Once bound by a deep friendship, both slaves vie for Yusuf’s heart and the future of his kingdom.

A young Christian girl with a hidden heritage forges a new identity as Butayna. She becomes the mother of Yusuf’s firstborn son and a beloved first wife. A Jewess forsakes her past, embraces the name of Maryam and bears Yusuf several children. The clash between former friends is inevitable, as each finds diverging paths in a dizzying rise to power. A deadly rivalry lies ahead for Butayna and Maryam. Only one heir may inherit Yusuf’s throne and only one woman can claim the revered title of Mother of the Sultan.

(175,000 words; e-book $3.99 USD, paperback $13.99 USD)


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