The Blacksmith’s Daughter

The Blacksmith's DaughterThe Blacksmith’s Daughter

by Suzanne Adair

The patriots wanted her husband dead. So did the redcoats. She took issue with both.

In the blistering Georgia summer of 1780, Betsy Sheridan uncovers evidence that her shoemaker husband, known for his loyalty to King George, is smuggling messages to a patriot-sympathizing, multinational spy ring based in the Carolinas. When he vanishes into the heart of military activity, in Camden, South Carolina, Betsy follows him, as much in search of him as she is in search of who she is and where she belongs. But battle looms between Continental and Crown forces. The spy ring is plotting multiple assassinations. And Betsy and her unborn child become entangled in murder and chaos.

(Word count 107,560; ebook $5.99 USD))

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Reviews of The Blacksmith’s Daughter

“History and fiction combined to tell a great story.” — Armchair Interviews

“Suzanne Adair follows up her award-winning debut with another, subtler, high-stakes adventure tale.” — Front Street Reviews

“Adair holds the reader enthralled with constant action, spine-tingling suspense, and superb characterization…” — Midwest Book Review