The Doppelganger’s Dance

The-Doppelgangers-Dance185x280The Doppelganger’s Dance

by Libi Astaire

There’s trouble afoot in Regency London’s Jewish community, and no one to stop the crimes—until wealthy-widower-turned-sleuth Mr. Ezra Melamed teams up with an unlikely pair: General Well’ngone and the Earl of Gravel Lane, the leaders of a gang of young Jewish pickpockets.

In this third volume of the Jewish Regency Mystery Series, David Salomon, a young violinist and composer, has left New York to find fame and fortune in Regency London. But disaster strikes not long after he arrives. Someone is stealing his compositions before he can perform them and soon he is the laughingstock of the beau monde that he had hoped to conquer. With few friends and even fewer resources, he turns to Ezra Melamed for help with finding the thief.

But the deeper Mr. Melamed looks into the violinist’s story the more jarring notes he finds, making The Doppelganger’s Dance one of the most discomposing mysteries in the career of this team of British detectives who are definitely in a class of their own.

(Word count 73,000; ebook $3.99 USD; print $12.99 USD)
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“This was a great, gentle read. I especially loved the character and story development. I do not often read mysteries, but I enjoyed this one immensely. The foibles of human nature can often complicate our lives and the lives of others as this mystery so aptly demonstrates. If you are looking for a mystery that is both engaging and relaxing, this is the book for you.” —Sherry W.,