The Executioner’s Heir

the-executioners-heir185x280The Executioner’s Heir

by Susanne Alleyn

Charles Sanson is young, handsome, sophisticated, and rich. He is also the eldest son of Paris’s most dreaded public official—and in the 1760s, after centuries of superstition, the executioner and all his family are pariahs. Charles knows far too well, despite the loathing he feels for the job, that the hangman’s son must become one himself or starve, for society’s doors are closed to him.

Though studious, conscientious, and compassionate, Charles, in accepting the inevitable, by the bitter irony of fate will someday become one of the busiest executioners in history. Long before the French Revolution, however, he must spend his youth unwillingly carrying out the monarchy’s merciless justice, while trying to put out of his mind the horrors of public whipping, hanging, torture, breaking, and burning that he witnesses daily. But at last the day comes when—faced with stark injustice—he is unable to reconcile the law’s brutal demands with his conscience.

Sure to appeal to fans of the “Hangman’s Daughter” tales, THE EXECUTIONER’S HEIR, the true story of a pair of tragic, converging lives, is a darkly atmospheric novel of prerevolutionary France in all its elegance, decadence, and cruelty.

(105,000 words; ebook $3.99 USD)

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Reviews of The Executioner’s Heir

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“Charles’s personal crisis and clashing loyalties evoke Greek tragedy, and speak to the issues that will resonate with readers.” —Publishers Weekly, starred review

“A remarkable book.” (Five Stars) —L.J. Roberts, Amazon Top 1000 Reviewer

“Alleyn’s exhaustive research pays off handsomely in well-drawn characters and colorful historical context. … A well-researched, robust tale featuring an endearing executioner.” —Kirkus Reviews