The Honor Due a King

The Honor Due a King

The Bruce Trilogy, Book III
by N. Gemini Sasson

In the dawn of a kingdom, loyalties and lies collide. The truth will change England and Scotland forever.

In the triumphant aftermath of Bannockburn, Robert the Bruce faces unfamiliar battles. His wife Elizabeth, held captive in England for eight long years, has finally returned home to Scotland. With his marriage in ruin and hopes for an heir quickly fading, Robert vows to fulfill an oath from long ago—one which will not only bind his daughter to a man she does not love, but challenge the honor of his most trusted knight, James Douglas.

While Ireland falls to the Scots, King Edward II of England must contend with quarrelsome barons. Hugh Despenser is the one man who can give him both the loyalty and love he so desperately craves. War with France looms and Edward’s only chance at peace rests with his queen, Isabella—a woman who has every reason to seek her own revenge.

Tormented by his past, James returns to a solitary, ruthless life of raiding into the north of England. When a bewitching spy promises him the ultimate victory, James must weigh whether to unveil the truth and risk losing her love—or guard his secrets and forever preserve Robert’s faith in him.

(109,000 words; ebook $3.99 USD, paperback $13.99 USD)

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“This final book takes the heartbreak and tragedy from books one and two and delivers a haunting conclusion. Though the characters are older and wiser, they are all feeling the effect of their arduous battles.” —Musings of a Book Junkie