The Island of the Gods

Island-of-the-Gods185x280The Island of the Gods

by I. J. Parker

From the Shamus Award winning author comes a new mystery set in Imperial Japan.

In the autumn of 1033, Sugawara Akitada spends his last year as governor of Mikawa Province amidst reports of piracy and concerns about an uprising. He grieves over his troubled marriage and worries about the murder of the daughter of a local lord. As if things could not be worse, an investigator from the capital arrives to build a case of malfeasance against him, and when he and Tora decide to check into irregularities along the Tokaido highway, they uncover a conspiracy that points to one of Mikawa’s powerful overlords and find themselves in real danger.

(80,300 words; ebook $7.99 USD, print $14.99 USD)

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