The Long Shadow

The Long ShadowThe Long Shadow

by Loretta Proctor

Fourteen-year-old Andrew discovers his mother’s hidden diary at his grandmother’s home during a Christmas gathering. His eyes are opened to a family secret when he reads about her time as a nurse in Salonika during the First World War, and the tragic love affair she had with his father, a Greek officer who died in battle. Four years later, Andrew is impelled to visit his father’s land and trace his roots. What – and who – he finds there will change his life forever.

The Long Shadow is filled with descriptions of Greece and its people. Dramatic images of battle and the terrible conditions endured by the Allied Armies entrenched around Salonika in the “Birdcage” are authentic and vivid. Greek music and dance play a vital role, reconciling in Andrew the dichotomy of belonging to two very different cultures and helping him to unite them in his heart and soul.

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“While young Andrew’s struggle to reconcile his Greek and English heritage is the predominant theme in The Long Shadow it is, in equal parts, a passionately told love story as well.
Each of the characters in this novel, that covers two generations, is a real person. The people and their relationships with each other are extremely complex. And I thought Ms. Proctor’s descriptions of scenes were absolutely inspired… The final chapters of this book, in particular, will not allow you to stop reading. I would definitely recommend The Long Shadow to anyone who loves a good story.” —L. Hippler

“There are some books which are a ‘fair’ read, some which are a ‘good’ read and some which are unputdownable. I class this book in the last category. It really is superbly written with scrupulous attention to historical detail and a story line which covers many years and many lives… I thoroughly recommend this book!” —Geoff Dale

“This book will take you on a beautifully vivid journey of discovery, tracing the culture and history of a war torn ancient Greek city, through the eyes of Andrew (Andreas) the ‘love child’ of an English nurse and a heroic Greek officer. Conceived during the first world war, his life is driven by fate as he struggles to discover himself and his roots. Beautiful attention to historical detail, passionately written and an adventure to read.”—Claire Edwards