The Moon Casts a Spell

The Moon Casts a SpellThe Moon Casts a Spell

by Rebecca Lochlann

A tale of star-crossed love, of superstition and zealotry, as a goddess brings her ancient triad together again on the windswept isle of Barra, in Scotland’s Outer Hebrides. 
The Chief of Clan MacNeil is forced to sell his ancestral island to John Gordon of Cluny, a mainlander. No one knows what to expect. Will life get better or worse? Will John Gordon take care of his tenants or evict them, like so many other landowners are doing?

Impetuous, irreverent, derided as Barra’s peculiar changeling, Lilith Kelso has little use for anyone but Daniel Carson, the orphan her mother has taken in. Everyone expects them to marry someday. 
But then John Gordon buys the island. He sends his steward to collect rents and squeeze out profits. 
The steward doesn’t come alone. He brings his son, and nothing will ever be the same.

(word count 31,000; ebook: $1.99 USD)

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Reviews of The Moon Casts a Spell

“Superbly written with compelling characters, this novella is my favorite, so far, in The Child of Erinyes series. It’s a prequel to book four, The Sixth Labyrinth, and if the full-length novel continues in the same vein as this little gem, then I’m all in!” —J.S. Colley, author of The Halo Revelations

“The beautiful and mysterious cover of ‘The Moon casts a spell’ perfectly illustrates the events of this subtle book, the fourth episode of Rebecca Lochlann’s powerful love story, ‘The Child of the Erinyes’. Three lovers reincarnate, drawn together by the emotional tangle that binds them. Unfortunately, hatred sustains another protagonist who pursues the lovers across the centuries, bringing destruction and death.” —Mary Josephina Cade, author of The Bermondsey Grail