The Purples

The PurplesThe Purples

by W. K. Berger

Shunned by his community… locked up for trying to help an innocent girl… ambushed by rivals and left for dead in the Detroit River: Joe Bernstein has a few scores to settle, and a bold plan to seize control of the Motor City in its booming 1920s heyday. With his faithful “agent” Abie, his brilliant but fragile brother Max, and an out-of-control enforcer named Grabowski, Bernstein gives rise to the infamous Purple Gang whose members were said to be “tainted, like spoiled meat.”

While trying to control the pipeline connecting dry America to wet Canada, Joe also must contend with having “a sweetheart in the nut house” and rising tensions within his gang. Worst of all, the D.A.’s office has hired an amputee war hero named Riley, who always seems to be one step ahead of Joe’s big plans.

A fast-paced thriller, The Purples blends richly-detailed historical fiction with nonstop action, all narrated by the smart, self-deluding, and unforgettable Joe Bernstein.

(145,000 words; e-book $2.99 USD, print $12.75 USD)

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