The Red Gate

The Red GateThe Red Gate

First Book in the O’Deirg Legacy Series

by Richard Sutton

County Mayo, 1911—Finn wasn’t paying attention and he’s fallen into a pasture sink-hole.  As the hours slip by, and the rain fills the hole around him, he’s slowly sucked further into the muddy ground. Knees shaking, he’s got time to consider his lot.  Finn knows he’s only really cut out for herding and shearing sheep, he knows he’s no scholar, but he’s not satisfied.  He wishes there could have been more to his life.  If he survives this ordeal, he wonders what might change his luck.  Just in time, his father, pulls him to safety. Finn finds an ancient artifact has come up in his muddy sleeve. That artifact and an alarming discovery in their lower pasture reveals an archaic secret and a binding promise.  It also unleashes a growing threat.

For anyone whose life seems stuck in a holding pattern, or anyone who has doubts about their ability to overcome obstacles, The Red Gate will have you smiling and will give you hope. Sometimes, the greatest allies and strengths are those you have never imagined you had. Even in this modern world,  magic lingers all around. Whether you understand it depends upon how well you pay attention to life unfolding around you.

(95,000 words; e-book $2.95 USD, paperback $15.95 USD)

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