The Renegade Merchant

The-Renegade-MerchantThe Renegade Merchant

by Sarah Woodbury

March 1147. Determined to escape the gloom that has descended on Aber, Gareth and Gwen travel to Shrewsbury in an attempt to find answers about Rhun’s death, about the whereabouts and plans of Prince Cadwaladr, and about Gwen’s family ties to England.

But when John Fletcher, now Deputy of Sheriff of Shrewsbury, asks Gareth to help him investigate a pool of blood for which he has no body, Gareth can’t refuse. And when the investigation points to a conspiracy involving some of the leading citizens of Shrewsbury, Gareth and Gwen find—as always seems to be the case with Gwynedd’s foremost investigators—that when they go looking for answers, trouble is never far behind.

The Renegade Merchant is the seventh Gareth & Gwen Medieval Mystery.

(80,000 words; ebook, $4.99 USD; print, $14.99 USD)

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