The Skin of Water

The-Skin-of-Water185x280The Skin of Water

by G. S. Johnston

Passions flare and alliances shift in this breathtaking story of survival set during the final days of World War II in Hungary.

Young Zeno dreams of moving to Budapest and becoming a great filmmaker in the Hungarian film studios. But one evening he follows Catherine Steiner, a guest at the exclusive lakeside resort where he works as a bellboy, into the forest. Unknowingly he dives into her life, changing his forever.

Her husband is a wealthy industrialist with the power to create – or crush – Zeno. Despite Catherine’s protests, Zeno moves to Budapest and takes a servant’s job in the Steiner house, shining her husband’s shoes while hearing the family’s secrets.

All Zeno and Catherine have are precious hours in a secret apartment, tucked above the uneasy streets of a city at war, their affair a flimsy wall against a future no one can see or predict. Until it arrives.

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(80,000 words; e-book $2.99 USD)

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The Skin of Water by G.S. Johnston is a captivating story of love and deception in Budapest, Hungary during the closing years of World War II.  Johnston brilliantly captures the dangers and struggles of a society that allies themselves with Nazis.” Kate’s Reads