Warden of Time

 Warden-of-Time185x280Warden of Time

by Sarah Woodbury

Warden of Time, the ninth novel in the After Cilmeri series, continues the story of time travel, romance, and adventure begun with Daughter of Time … 

As both modern man and medieval king, David is committed to transforming medieval England into his own version of Avalon. Not everyone supports his ideals, however, and having offended the pope by welcoming Jews and heretics into England, David is summoned to Canterbury to explain himself. 

But when information comes to light that reveals the accusations against him have less to do with religion than with power and wealth, David finds himself on familiar ground—and at the center of conspiracy that stretches from Ireland to Italy. Facing excommunication, a fickle populace, and a rebellion even by his fellow time travelers, he must decide what his throne is worth, and what he’s willing to sacrifice to keep it. 

(80,000 words; ebook $4.99 USD, paperback $14.99 USD)

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