The Gatekeepers

The GatekeepersThe Gatekeepers

Second Book in the O’Deirg Legacy Series
by Richard Sutton

The secret O’Deirg family legacy invites betrayal. Again.

Finn’s growing family has protected their ancient secret from the world for ten years. Soon, their peaceful life faces upheaval as lost family, now strangers, return to the remote County Mayo farm from America. The Irish Civil War, raging in the cities, is threatening to pull one of them into it’s violent grasp of reprisal.

Whom can they trust to help them preserve their legacy, now that new threats are emerging from every quarter? Blame it all on the local butcher, his clandestine past and his well-spiced sausages, on the O’Deirgs’ long history, on the new cousins from America, or on Claire’s father’s IRA loyalties.

Finn, Claire, Maeve, Pat and those they love now face hard decisions and harder lessons. Nor will there be any comfort left in seclusion. The world is reaching for them. War is on their doorstep. Their past may bring some solace, but what lies ahead for the O’Deirgs.

(104,000 words; e-book $2.95 USD, paperback $16.95 USD)

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